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The Taffy Town Story

Originally known as the Glade Candy Company, our founder, James Glade, started a candy business that developed a variety of candy. Offering everything from hard candies to chocolates and more, we were a full-line candy manufacturer.

Then in the 1990’s David Glade, his grandson, decided to change our name to "Taffy Town, Inc." and focus all our candy-making efforts on total taffy excellence. Never looking back, we’ve developed a process that is uniquely Taffy Town.

For over 100 years, Taffy Town has been the nation’s favorite salt water taffy company. Our perfected production process is unlike any other, allowing us to produce gourmet salt water taffy with a soft texture that simply melts in your mouth. Famous for our unique recipe, each piece of our taffy candy comes from a handmade batch process that uses egg whites to create a unique whipped nougat style taffy. With over 90 different taffy flavors and endless assortment possibilities, we have the perfect gourmet taffy selection for every palate. 

What Makes Our Taffy Stand Out?

Unlike other taffy makers who pull their taffy, we use a whipped process. Complete with a whipped meringue, our taffy is a softer and chewier piece than the traditional taffy. We aim for a fluffy taffy that’s easy to eat without leaving bits of candy stuck in between your teeth.

Along with our rare taffy-making process, we also have over 90 different flavors of taffy. With new flavors like maple-bacon and chili-mango, we’re constantly developing out-of-this-world flavors that push the status quo. Our new and exciting flavors are great additions to our taffy family, but our customers are continually loyal to our standard flavors like banana and peppermint.

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